Monday, July 09, 2012

Jim and Daniel McCarthy

Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 92* and Clear
Picked the guys up at 5:30 then went and caught bait. Put about 150 in the tank and looked for some schools. We hit a few schools then ran out of bait so I went and caught 100 more and worked the schools again. We worked a school for about 30 minutes then ran out of bait again so I left Tony in charge of following the school while I went and caught 100 more baits. It took about 10 minutes to catch the bait and get back to the school but it had dissipated. We looked for an hour for the school but never located it again. Didn't matter much, we had plenty of fun catching Stripers this morning. Lately about 10 o'clock or so we loose the schools and the bite is over. We never caught another fish after 10 today.

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