Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jakson, Kate and Tom Ring with Derek Anthony

Sunny and HOT, Water Temperature 90* and Clear.
I got out early this morning to catch bait then picked my crew up at the marina at 5:15am. Instead of searching for schools of Stripers I decided to simply set up over a 30 foot flat and pull a spread of boards and downlines. We did this for about an hour or so catching 3 Stripers and about 6 Catfish. Once it was good and bright out we got our baits in and looked for schooling action. Charlie was out this morning also and he located a few fish. He called us over since we were nearby and popped a couple of fish. We lost the school pretty quickly so we continued to look for other schools. We found and fished 3 more nice schools before the schools dissipated for the morning. We came off the water this morning just before it got too hot. Kate caught the first and largest fish of the morning. Today was a nice enjoyable morning catching fish and being in good company.

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