Friday, July 20, 2012

Larry, Dan, Eric and Brian

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 90* and Clear
I got out this morning and put 163 baits in the tank then picked my crew up at High Point. We went out and set up in an area where I located fish yesterday. We worked it for an hour only to catch Catfish so we got the baits in and looked for schools. I found a school within 5 minutes, called Tony and Charlie over to me as I was putting baits on everyone's lines. We were " in um" now putting fish in the boat. I lost the school as Tony got to us and he found them right away. We worked the school for about 25 minuted before they broke off into smaller pods. Tony took off in one direction and I went the other looking for schools. He located a huge school and called me to it but I was 4 or 5 miles away so I set up where I found some fish. We worked those fish till we ran completely out of bait. As I was on my way to catch more bait I ran over an incredible school stacked up right against a ledge of a channel bend. Here we are with no bait and a massive school. I called Tony and told him to get over here, luckily he had just caught bait himself. We put out a trolling rod and caught one on it immediately then Tony came around the corner with bait. We lost and found this same school for the next two hours. We worked it so long we ran out of bait again. We were getting our baits in when Tony called on the radio the he was coming back out and had just caught a tank of bait. That was sweet, more bait and two boats to work the school. We proceeded to pound the school even more. We eventually left that school and went looking for more. I found yet another massive school, called Tony in and we both used up all of our bait catching Stripers. Today was a day that our clients and ourselves will never forget, plenty of action and great company. Larry caught the big fish of the day.

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