Friday, July 27, 2012

Mike, Ron, Larry and Mario

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 88* and clear.
Caught bait, picked the guys up at 5:30 and took off to find a place on the lake without boats. We set up in an area without seeing fish so I could show the guys how to deploy the lines. We worked the area for about an hour then went looking for schools. We hit a few small schools and then a very nice school till we ran out of bait. I looked for bait for a half hour without success then Charlie called me on the radio and said he was going in, did I want his bait. Was he ever on time. We took about a hundred from him and went looking for schools but could not locate any. Again after about 9:30 the schools vanish. We set up over an area where fish had been using and put out a spread only to catch 1 more Striper for the day. We all had a good time this morning, the guys took home 13 Stripers. They are on vacation this week and I am sure they will enjoy eating some fresh fish.

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