Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mark, Alex and David

Sunny and HOT, Water temperature 88* and Clear.
I got out early as usual and put 150 baits in the tank then picked up my clients at 5:30 at High Point. We set up in an area where I knew Stripers had been but after pulling a spread though the area for 20 minutes we only boated 3 Catfish so I decided to look for schools. I looked for awhile and found what I wanted to see. It was a major school so as I was baiting hooks I called Charlie over to join in the action. We started catching fish immediately and lost them within about 15 minutes. I decided to get aggressive by getting on the big motor and relocating the school before it could get too far away. I found it again so we set up on it. We were popping fish and so was Charlie till a so called "Striper fisherman" who saw us reeling in all the fish decided to play Buzzard and circle us time and time again [not fishing ] till he broke the school up. After 3 circles the fish would not take the motor running over them any more so they broke up out of one large school into pods of 8 or 10 fish. We looked for the main school for 30 minutes but it was not to be found, just small pods of Stripers. I had enough of this mess so I relocated to an area where no boats were, we had this part of the lake to ourselves. After looking for about 5 minutes I located a school of Stripers and we worked the school for 90 minutes till we ran out of bait. Today was a special day on the water, this was the first [and not last] time Alex wanted to fish and she did a great job catching Stripers. Today we caught 24 fish and kept 14 for David's family to enjoy this week while they are staying at the lake house [Dream Catcher]. Mark caught the big fish of the day.

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