Monday, July 02, 2012

Richard Hendricks and Sons

Sunny and Pleasant, Water temperature 84* and Clear.
What an interesting morning...leave my house at 3 as usual, almost run into downed tree on my road, called and reported trees down so they dispatch volunteer firefiters. I pull first tree out of the road, then run into another. Firefighters come, ends up being a friend of mine, cuts that tree and a dozen more out of the road in the direction I am traveling. [Thanks Will]. Get to the lake at 5:15, too late to catch bait on lights, pick up my clients and go to catch baits. We see a pontoon boat with a cover on it floating out in the middle of the lake, it had broke loose in last nights storm. Find bait, throw the net a few times, no bait. Finally see a 8 inch hole in the net one of my guides left me without telling me to repair it. Finally caught 150 baits with another net, found a school of Stripers and worked them till we only had a dozen baits left. Went and spent an hour looking and catching bait, then looked for a while for more schools. Found a couple more huge schools and proceeded to wear them out. On one set up the 3 sons each put 1 rod out and immediately hooked up. I netted the 3 fish and looked at Richard and asked why he did not hook up. I forget what he said but I told him that he sucks. Two seconds later his rod went off and he landed the big fish of the day, a solid 10 pound Striper! We had fun with that so I rebaited a rod, tossed it out and kiddingly again told him he sucks , next thing we knew he grabbed the rod and reeled in the second largest fish of the day. Now I finally know how to get big fish to strike. We caught a bunch of fish this morning, I lost count at 44.

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