Monday, November 19, 2012

Bob Hammond and Guests


Zack, Bob, Savannah, Bethany, Bob and Ryan

Cloudy and Cold, Water temperature 50* and Clear
I met my clients at 5:30 this morning and caught bait before daylight. I set out a spread of a dozen planner boards and a bobber pulling flats this morning. Before we knew it Savannah had jumped on the rod next to her which was hooked up with the first fish of the day. She wrestled it into the boat and we were feeling good. We popped another Striper real quick but then things started going downhill for awhile. The fish were feeding short and we had some trouble getting Stripers in the boat. We would hook up and reel the fish in 20 to 30 feet then they would simply pull off. We were now feeling pretty down about the fishing but Anthony called on the radio and confirmed he was having the exact same issue 10 miles away on the lake. We hung in there and picked at the fish for a couple more hours then we took a potty break, caught some more bait and set up another spread. We pulled the spread for about a mile with no success then all of a sudden everything we had out started getting hit. We could have easily won the world funniest videos if someone could have captured us on video. Rods were bending all over the boat, everyone was trying to work their fish and everything was getting tangled but we managed to boat all the fish without loosing a single one. Bob took credit for that, he stood at the head of the boat giving everyone directions. We regained our composure and continued to fish the area catching a few here and there. What could have been a mediocre day turned out to be a great day of fishing. We simply were patient and hung in there and the fish did the rest. Ryan caught the big fish of the day and Savannah caught the first and last fish of the day. Bob has a few fish to clean tomorrow.

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