Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mike, Cole, Dustin, Bob and Evan

The following is Guide DP's rendition of the day
Water temp 59* WINDY with sun and clouds.
Met the guys at High Point at 6am and went to catch bait. Caught 30 very "happy baits" and took off to set out our spread. By 9am  everyone had landed a fish or two except for Evan.  Evan had his focus on a new friend that he had met at Subway last night. We went to catch more bait and hit the mother load! I made 1 cast and could not get the net into the boat! I emptied over half of the bait just to get the net in. We kept about 40 "happy baits" and threw about 60 back in the lake. The guys could not get over that many baits in the net. So we went to set up at another location and started taking hits right away. By now the wind is blowing us all over the place, I think the wind must have blown the "subway friend" out of Evan's head cause he finally landed one.  Once the wind got too crazy we went to find cover. We ran over a school set up on them and had 4 rods go off, Cole (the birthday boy) landed one, Evan had one break off and the others just came off. By now the wind had killed my trolling motor batteries and we could not keep up with the school.  We had about 25 hookups today and landed a dozen. The guys took home 8 for some fine eating.  Cole is pictured with a nice 30" fish that he caught today.  Happy birthday Cole!!     

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