Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zeke,Dwayne, Cat and Jim

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 55* and Clear
It being a warm Sunday I was not looking forward to fishing today with all the other boats on the lake and to bum me out even more one of my clients wanted to start late this morning. I picked up my crew after daylight at 6:30 and went for bait. Bait was a little of a hassle because I am use to throwing for it before light and it had moved once the sun got up. It took about 45 minutes to fill the tank up then I set out my spread of a dozen boards and bobber pulling flats. Before we knew it we started hooking up with fish and continued to for the next several hours. We were hooking up every 5 minutes or so until a boat pulled in on us then fishing slowed quickly. We continued to work similar areas taking hits on a regular bases until fish got spooked by boats. We went and made a pit stop then came back out, caught a bunch of pretty bait and set out another spread. Fishing was slower now due to the traffic on the lake but we managed to take hits every 15 minutes or so. After 20 more beers it was time for a pit stop again so we discarded all our baits and headed for the bathroom. I was reluctant to leave where we were fishing but when nature calls you got to go. We came back out and fished for a couple more hours not catching another fish. We ended up with a great stringer of very nice Stripers today. Jim and his gang took home 15 fish, some of which will be eaten tonight while they watch the games.

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