Sunday, November 04, 2012

Brian and Anthony

Partly Sunny and Cool, Water Temperature 61* Main Lake
Our guide service had two guides entertaining clients yesterday. Brian worked with DP catching bait then once they both had their tanks full they took off in different directions to similar patterns in different parts of the lake. It was a beautiful cold morning on the lake with light breezes but the wind was suppose to get up around 9am and blow pretty hard so Brian went right to his 'Juice' and set out a large spread of boards rigged with his best baits in the tank. The move paid off for them, after an hour of pandemonium they had caught their limit of beautiful Stripers before the wind got up. The bite is on fire on the lake now and will be for the rest of the year. Contrary to what most anglers complain about when hurricanes blow through, Sandy benefited the lake by not only dumping much needed water and oxygenating the lake but by causing the lake to turnover which make the fish only want to do one thing.....EAT

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