Friday, November 16, 2012

Dickie Turner and the Network Building And Consulting Team

Sunny and Cold, Water Temperature 50* and Clear.
Dickie had reserved today for a team building get together so we booked two boats so DP and Myself met the guys at the marina at 5:45 and went looking for bait. We caught deep bait then I set up pulling planner boards over 10 foot flats and DP set up working 10 foot flats with 25 feet of water nearby. The water was cold this morning and the fish were a bit lethargic but we still managed to catch some fish. Our baits were getting swirled on more than hooking up. As the water warmed up so did the fishing and we ended up this morning with a decent stringer of fish. I caught 46 baits this morning and when they ran out we called it a day. The guys were ready to get back to the house they were renting so that they could get back to working on their team spirits, after all most of them had not slept in the last 30 hours. If it wasn't so cold this morning I believe more of them would have been hitting the spirits while on the water.

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