Friday, November 09, 2012

Gary, Fred and Bob

Sunny, Cold in the morning then beautiful as the day progressed, Water Temperature 50* and Clear.
I picked up my crew at 5:30 then headed out to catch bait. After making 6 or 8 casts we had the tank full of beautiful baits so we headed to an area where there were no boats and set out a spread of planner boards just as it was getting light this morning. The water temperature had dropped about 5 degrees since Tuesday due to the cold weather we have been having. The fish early this morning were very lethargic, our baits would get nervous, get chased to the top but only 1 out of every four would engage the bait. I assured the guys that once the water temperature warmed up a few degrees it would be a different story. The sun came out strong and warmed the water up quickly which in turn warmed the fishes appetites as well. Before we knew it the guys were wrestling the Stripers into the boat. My clients weren't expecting to catch 8 to 10 pound Stripers and had their hands full getting them to the boat today. They did a great job working the fish while not tangling any of the other lines. Fred had jumped on a couple fish that were on the bobber or furthest  planner board and just about ran out of gas as we were ready to net the fish. Fun was had by all today, and we had quite the stringer of Stripers to show for it. As you can see by the expressions on their faces this was an extremely heavy stringer. Today's average fish weighed 8 pounds and they kept 15 Stripers, do the math.....

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