Friday, July 11, 2014

An easy morning

Ralph, Ben and Daniel
Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 84* and Clear
I picked up my crew this morning at High Point and wanted to go around the corner to explain to them how to deploy the baits and how to reel in the fish with circle hooks. Before I got around the corner I saw off in the distance fish throwing sprays into the air about 6 feet high. Well I didn't get a chance to explain anything
because once I got 100 yards away from the breaking fish I shut my big motor down, put my trolling motor in and shoved rods into the guys hands. We managed to get a couple baits out before we started hooking up. We caught 5 or 6 fish then I pulled off of the school and went elsewhere. Charlie called and said that he and Tony were on em so I hightailed it to them and set down about 100 yards from their boats. We got our baits out and started hooking up immediately. Within 3 to 4 minutes the buzzards started circling us then a house boat trolled right over us spooking the school. For anyone who does not know this, big motors SPOOK FISH. Sometimes I wonder if they are intentionally trying to spook the schools of Stripers we are working or if they are simply Clueless. Anyway we had to leave that area and look for other schools which took about a hour out of our fishing day. Once I found what I wanted we set up on them and started popping fish. One buzzard followed us there but I kept him out and away from our boat enabling us to limit out fairly easy. We were able to get off the water this morning early before it got too hot.

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