Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Figuring out a cold front.

Mark, Jack, Steve, Evan and Tom

Sunny and Cool, Water temperature 82* and Clear
I got on the water early and caught 200 baits for my clients. When I got to the marina they were already there, 15 minutes early. Now that's my kind of client! It even made it better when Tom introduced himself and said he was so excited that he did not sleep last night. I knew right then today was going to be fun. They brought their coolers down and got into the boat and right before I cast off Jack gave me a gift, a folding Buck filet knife! I asked why the present and Steve said because we know you will deserve it by the end of the day. As I idled out of the marina I thought to myself...200 baits in the tank, five guys who are as excited to fish as I am, a cool knife...Hope I can crack this cold front we had last night and put these fisherman on Stripers. Well I showed them how to deploy the down lines then I looked for schools. I could not find what I wanted but set up on three of four pods of fish with little results. I had burnt a quarter of a tank of gas, not put a keeper in box and was determined to beat this front. I decide to make a move contrary to the seasonal patterns of mid summer and kept my fingers crossed. We set up and put our baits out and popped a fish or two in about 20 minutes. Wasn't great but I was starting to figure a pattern out. I moved a little deeper and Evan and Jack caught a couple nicer fish. I thought I was on to something so I dialed in on the pattern and we opened a can of Whoop Ass on the Stripers. Mark was jamming up in front of the boat consistently catching nice fish and the boys were scrambling all over the boat reeling in fish after fish. We worked the pattern till we used up all but 6 of our baits. What a great day on the water with a fine family. They are on vacation this week and I am sure today's trip will be a good memory of visiting Lake Anna. To make my day even better when we got back to the dock they gave me a great tip. It sure is good to spend a day on the water with good people and to be appreciated for my struggles and labors throughout the day.

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