Monday, July 28, 2014

How Precious!

Chloe and Mason

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 83* and Clear
Today I caught bait early and picked my clients up at their dock. I looked for schools for an hour and found a nice one. We tried to get set up on them but with only two anglers it is about impossible to get all the baits out, reel in fish and bait quick enough to hold the fish. We popped a few of them but by the time we took the fish off the hooks all the baits had been hit and the school moved elsewhere. I knew then I would have to resort to fishing places rather than schools like I wanted to. We worked area after area and by 11 we had used up 175 baits. I went to catch bait, found a school and on my first cast caught over 200. We continued to fish different areas but the wind was howling over 25mph which gave me few places to set up on. All I really wanted to do was to put these two beautiful children on fish which I was able to do. We caught a whole lot of punks today but at this age they were excited just to see a rod bent over. They screamed every time a fish came on board. The kids reeled their fish in by themselves with very little assistance with the exception of the large fish which we had to touch the rod to keep the fish from tangling other lines up.  
   God Bless the Children.

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