Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Sweet it is!

 Christian and Michael

Cloudy and Cool, Water temperature 82* and clear
My grandson Michael had a friend from his baseball team down for a couple days so we tried to pack as many activities into 2 days as we could. Yesterday Michael wanted to run his bird dogs so we hit the woods at 6:30. After a couple jumps we gathered them up and they rode dirt bikes and 4 wheelers till it got about 93* outside. They were ready for the pool by then which lasted till 5. After a shower and dinner they were pooped and fell asleep watching a baseball game on TV. This morning when we got up it was raining so we were not in too much of a hurry to hit the water. It cleared up by 9 so I filled the tank and headed to the water. We hit the water at 10 and took 5 minutes to locate bait. Three throws later I had 200 baits, Sweet! We rode less than a half a mile and found a school of Stripers. I baited the rods, Michael put them down to the desired depth and before he could get another rod baited we would hook up and Christian would reel the fish in. While he was reeling it in Michael would bait and deploy another rod while I would net the fish and take it off the hook. We did that for 20 straight fish. Mike wanted his friend to reel in as many fish as he could. After all that action I noticed that I had never put my trolling motor down. I relocated the school, tried to get some baits wet but the fish would not let us get more than two rods out without hooking up. In less than an hour we had caught bait and boated 25 Stripers. It now looked like rain was coming so we put the rods up and I pulled them for 30 minutes on the tube then they went swimming for 15 more minutes while I emptied the bait tank. We were back at the marina by noon, took pictures and got home in time for lunch. 

Just doesn't get any better than that.

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