Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lowrance Screen Shots

 This is a shot of a sunken boat between the pilings on the south side of Dillards bridge. 
You can clearly see on the side scan the outline of the boat.

 This is a picture of a school of Stripers I located and fished a couple of days ago. I was running about 25 mph over a hump on the left side of the sonar screen and when I hit the drop off I noticed Stripers right on the break before it fell into the channel. [Just above and to the right of the 6 in 20 to 30 feet of water] I immediately slowed down and turned the boat 180 degrees, shut the big motor down and coasted over the area while my clients jumped up and prepared to deploy downlines.You can see just to the left in the middle of the pic the smaller arches of the Striprs gradually getting larger. That's because when going fast the Stripers appear as small arches because I am traveling so fast over them but as the boat slows the pings read the fish better and are over the fish longer resulting in better arches. As you can see on the right side of the sonar screen I came up on a 30 foot flat where we proceeded to "Spank" the Stripers. The side scan [blue screen] shows the Stripers on both sides of the boat but more and larger fish are on the right side. You can see shadows created by the larger fish about 30 to 40 feet to the right and a couple nicer Stripers out about 80 feet to the right. You can also see in the middle of the screen on the top my prop wash when I went back over the area [white cloud]. Guess what direction I steered the boat to catch fish?

This is a pic of of a nice school of Herring I located while looking for bait. You can clearly see the school on the sonar page ranging from 8 to 25 feet deep. The bait is extremely compressed [the denser the object the brighter or yellower the return] and easy to catch. Notice on the side scan there was more bait to the right side of the boat than the left side [Boat is currently at the top center of the blue screen at 0]. I threw off to the right and caught over two hundred baits in one cast, so heavy I had to get my client to help me lift the net. We had already used 200 baits that morning but the additional baits enabled us to limit out. On this screen I have customized my screen to instead of having my split screen in equal sizes I enlarged the bottom screen so I could see fish better which made my structure screen smaller. The way I have the screen with the side scan going all the way across the screen shows much more detail than if I had the screen split vertically as is evident in the two screen shots above this one.

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