Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lowrance Screen Shots

I have my side scan set on the upper half of the screen and my sonar on the bottom. You can see Stripers on the sonar between 30 and 40 feet. The fish were feeding up over the 35 foot flat on the left side of the screen but once I got out over the deeper water they were inactive. I have my upper limit set to 13 feet because all the fish I saw were very deep.
 This is a school of feeding Stripers. We had numerous rods hooked up at once. You can see quite a few fish out on the side scan as well. If you look up in my history bar at the top of the sonar page just above the 1 you can see the bulk of the school we were fishing. Notice all the streaking going on. The Stripers were feeding on White Perch. Most of the Stripers we caught that day were around schools of Perch.
 Here is another school of Stripers. Notice my dead bait being drug through the water column at 25 feet on my sonar page. We had just boated a bunch of Stripers and had not had time to change out that bait.
This is a picture of the road bed that parallels the 208 bridge. You can see how it is undercut when I come up from 40' to 27'. This is where the pavement stopped and the old bridge began. A couple of Bass are holding right on top of the road. How do I know they are Bass? We caught them.

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Neal L. said...

Great post! Out of curiosity, on the first picture, what are the lines on the sonar screen running at an angle from the top to the bottom? Is that a fishing line?