Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lowrance HDS Screen Shots

 This is a school of Stripers that we worked one morning last week. They were feeding on White Perch but we caught them on Herring. The diagonal dashes are the white perch getting out of Dodge. You can see up in my history bar up above the 1 on my sonar page that I had been on the school for a while.
 This is another shot of a school of Stripers where we caught some nicer fish.
This shot is from when I was looking to catch daytime bait. Notice that I changed my screen to Side Scan on the upper half of my screen and Sonar on the bottom half. I did that because I could see more clearly out to the sides of my boat with the wider scan shot [as opposed to the screen in the top pic]. In the top screen my boat is currently at the top of the picture where that white vertical line is at 0. Halfway down on that screen on the left is a school of Herring 20 to 50 feet out to the left of the boat. I would not have located and caught that bait without side scan. Further down toward the bottom of the side scan screen is a school of bait [same school you see about halfway on my sonar page]. Notice on the side scan page that more bait was to the right side of the boat than on the left side. The occasional disturbance near the surface on my sonar page is the disturbance that my motor made as I try to locate the bait. The side scan also shows the prop wash as a white cloud 2/3's of the way down over the 0 line where I had run over the bait and turned back around to catch it. Daytime bait can sometimes be difficult to catch but with Structure Scan technology it makes my life a lot easier. After burning up 200 baits that I caught pre-dawn I can catch more bait and eventually more fish. Greentop Sporting goods has Lowrance on display for you to play with and experienced salesmen to answer questions to help you catch more fish.

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