Monday, July 07, 2014

North Anna Power Station

Kenny, Dave, Paul and Mark

DP took this crew out this morning. Here is what he had to say...
Dave's wife booked him a trip for his birthday present, and what a present it was.  We left the marina at 5:45 and looked for fish for about 15 minutes and finally saw a few to set up on.  By 7:45 we had gone through 125 baits and were well on our way to a great day. We went back to High Point to get ice for the fish and for the guys to rest a bit. After catching bait we all had to gather ourselves from a story that was told while I was throwing the net.  Let's just say that Mark got his man card back when one of the guys told us about a "pedi" that he had received  along side his wife. I won't mention who that was but I bet his wife really looks after him on his birthdays.  We set up in another area and caught a few keepers then mostly punks.  Finally, we found a really nice school of fish and set up on them and nearly went through another 80 baits.  By 10:00 we had our limit and called it a day.  Looks like there will be a fish fry for the Delta shift at North Anna Power Station.  Happy Birthday Dave!!!!!!

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