Thursday, July 17, 2008

David Makogon, Mark and Ryan Huber

July 17th, 2008: Sunny and Warm, Water Temp 85* and Clear.

Picked clients up at their dock this morning and looked for breaking fish. Saw some punks breaking but no nicer fish so I hunted for some schools deep. I found a nice school, put out 6 rods full of lures and the fun began. We hit a couple of different schools and caught 20 Stripers before 9 am this morning. Mark is pictured hold his first Striper of the morning along with Ryan holding up a nice fish. I did not get a picture of David with his big one of the day, he decided to release it before it ever got in the boat.

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DMak said...

It was my Good Deed of the day to let Mark and Ryan pull up the big 'uns. They really needed a bit of healthy father/son competition. I was having too much fun pulling up the lion's share of the Fish of Mediocrity - a half-dozen keepers and a few throwbacks kept me plenty busy.

Awesome day overall. This is the earliest time we've ever been off the water - 10:30!