Thursday, July 03, 2008

Nick, Nicholas, Javi, Bob and David

July 3rd, 2008: Sunny and Hot, Water Temp 86* and Clear. Left the house at 4 this morning and just as I got out of the driveway my wheel fell off my trailer. Not a great beginning of a morning. Got the trailer back to the house, called my client and told him I will be a little late, called good friend Greg Whitlock of Louisa Boat and Motors and before 6 am he had come over and replaced my hub, bearings, wheel and tire. How is that for service? Got to the water and picked clients up before 7, went and caught bait and went fishing. Found a very nice school and put baits on them but we drug our feet doing it and the school moved off before catching any. Looked nearby and saw some broke up fish , tried bait on them with no success and decided to hit them trolling fast and see if they would hit our lures out of reaction. Caught 2 right out of the box and no more out of that school. Today's fishing was simular to my morning experience with my trailer, a lot of frustration but some happy endings. We fished hard today , burned 20 gallons of gas looking for schools and caught fish for a holiday dinner. Nicholas is pictured with his first striper.

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