Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lindsey, Rob, Eric, Gary and Laura

July 1st, 2008: Partly cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temp 85* and Clear. Picked my clients up at 5 and went and caught bait. Located a school of Stripers over 35 feet of water and put downlines on them. Before we could get the 3rd bait out Rob put one in the boat and showed the rest of the crew how it was done. We worked that school for awhile until the buzzards moved in and the school moved on. We went around the corner where there were no boats and found another school and started putting fish in the boat again. We had it to ourselves for 15 minutes and worked massive schools of fish until the Buzzards started circling and once they saw us catch fish they move right in and spooked the school. After a dozen boats ran over the school the fish broke up and did not re-group the rest of the day. We caught a few singles up to 9:30 but not another Striper after that. [Don't know if the fish just turned off or all the suntan lotion Rob rubbed on every one's reels spooked the fish!] Just kidding Rob.Lindsey caught the big fish of the day and also was credited with loosing the big fish of the day. Rob fishes Claytor Lake in VA. and wanted to learn how to catch bait and fish for Stripers so we spent a lot of time today learning. They took home a few fish for the holiday. I have a feeling you will be seeing their pictures on my journal in the future.

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