Monday, July 07, 2008

Thomas Rorrer

July 7th, 2008: Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temp 82* and clear. Picked Tom up at 5:30, found a school and trolled lures on them. We had just got our 5th line out when the action started. Tom picked it up and before he got it in another went off. That lasted about 30 minutes then we went and found another and another and another school, putting fish in the boat on every pass. This was Tom's first Striper trip catching Stripers on Lake Anna. After the 8th or 9th fish he asked for a band aid, he had wore the skin off one finger reeling in fish. We came off the water today at 10 after putting 18 to 20 nice Stripers in the boat. All fish were released to fight again another day.

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