Friday, July 11, 2008

Joe Newman with guests Alzie, Mike, Brandon, and Jim

July 11th, 2008: Sunny and Warm, Water Temp 84* and Clear. Picked clients up at their dock at 5:30 and went around the corner and found a school of Stripers. I found them on my depthfinder but once we sat down to get ready to fish the lake exploded around us. I was ready for them today having 4 rods rigged with topwater lures and once the guys learned how to work the baits they all got to enjoy the action, even Jimmy. Fish busted for 30 minutes, the school being at least 500 yards long. After the topwater action slowed a bit we trolled through the school, continuing to catch fish. We worked this school for 2 hours before loosing it. I went a found yet a larger school on my depthfinder and worked it for an hour or more. We came off the water around 10 o'clock, catching about 25 Stripers. My camera battery was dead today, therefore no picture till Monday when Joe emails me ones I took with his camera. I think Jimmy used my camera this morning and left it on and the battery ran down. Finally got the pictures of this motley crew to put up on the site. Jim [18"] is pictured on the left, you may have seen his picture in your local Post Office!

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