Monday, July 14, 2008

Ron Emery with guests Scott and Carol Kieffer

July 14th, 2008: Cloudy, Rainy and warm, Water Temp 85* and Clear. Caught bait and picked the guys up, went right to a school of Stripers that I located earlier this morning. Taught the guys how to work the baits, the fish came up and we caught Stripers on the surface. They were blowing baits out of the water everywhere! While they were casting lures I put out downlines rigged with Herring but the fish did not want them so I got everything in and put out 6 rods and trolled. We hadn't got out the last rod before we started hooking up and before we got the first fish in all 6 rods were bent over. We landed 8 fish on 6 rods on our first pass! We turned around, put the lures back out and hooked them all up again and again. My clients did not want to keep any fish so we put back all the fish that were not injured and that I knew would survive, keeping the others. We hit another school and repeated the same scenario time and time again. After putting the 16th dead fish in the livewell we reeled everything in and were off the water way before lunch time. I lost count of exactly how many fish we caught but it had to be well over 40 Stripers.One of the pictures shows one of the 6 doubles [2 fish on 1 rod] that we had today.

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