Friday, July 04, 2008

Tara, Sam, Tom, Susan, Jack and Lauren

July, 4th, 2008: Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temp. 85* and Clear. Since today was a morning trip I picked the crew up, found fish and trolled threw the schools. The first school I found was a great school of Stripers but it didn't take but about 10 minutes for the buzzards to start circling my boat and spooking the school. If these inconsiderate "fisherman" would learn to look at their depthfinders they would realize there are 100's of schools of Stripers to be caught. Anyway today I found 5 or 6 nice schools and caught fish out of all of them. Everyone caught Stripers and the little guys were able to reel in plenty also. A great way and morning to start off a celebration of the 4th of July.

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