Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jess and Brian Reed with David Houston

July 8th, 2008: Rain, Cloudy and Sunny, Water temp 84* and Clear. Met the guys at the marina at 4 this morning to catch bait but we were greeted by a thunderstorm so we drug our feet getting out. Caught bait and went looking for Stripers. Looked for 25 minutes and finally found a school, taught the guys how to set out the downlines, caught a couple of fish before the school moved. Found it again and worked it, lost it for 10 minutes and found it again. That was how the day went, never did the fish go on a major feed, just a couple here, a couple there. We found dozens of schools and the fish finally bit better later in the day. Today we caught about 30 Stripers with the guys taking home a mess to eat.

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