Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tim, Mark, Larry and Mark

April 11th, 2009: Cloudy, Rain, Wind, Water Temp 54* and Clear.
Got on the water this morning and John called me, He and Tim had a light out and had some nice herring on it so I went to them and caught bait. Picked the guys up at their dock at 6:15, caught a little more bait and went fishing. I was under the gun this morning, I knew a major front was suppose to blow through about 9am and I wanted to put some fish in the boat before the fish shut down. Set up on a deep flat pulling boards and downlines. It was still calm out and fairly warm. I started off working an area Anthony caught fish on yesterday but after 15 minutes and no hits I moved on. Found a ledge loaded with cows and the action started. We had a couple of hook-ups before the guys understood what to do but once they did we started putting Hogs in the boat. I circled around 4 times over the ledge and every time we hooked up, sometimes with doubles. We lost a couple fish on the ledge and things slowed for a bit so I moved on. By 9:20 it was getting black out and the next thing I knew the wind started gusting, the rain came down, the air temp dropped 15 degrees, and the fish turned off. I had warned the guys last night that this would happen to us today, but they still wanted to go, and were glad they did. The guys kept a few fish and released the others to fight again another day. We were off the water by 10:30, the guys were cold but had big smiles on their faces. Larry is holding a 13.12 Striper caught before the front and Tim is holding a nice Striper caught just as the front started to blow through.

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