Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jimmy Rux

April 15th, 2009: Cloudy, Cold and Rain. Water temp dropping to 54* .
Picked up Jimmy at 6am and went to catch bait. Threw for a couple hours and went fishing. Found some fish on ledges between 16 and 2o feet deep and put some baits in their faces. Fish were fairly lethargic, the baits would get nervous but the fish were reluctant to hit them. After 20 minutes of fishing we hooked up and Jimmy got a feeling for what he was in for today. We boated the fish and turned around to hit the same area. Jimmy was ready for some action and he got it.
The front rod went off first, as he was fighting it another got hit, then another and another. We got 2 or 3 of those in, took pictures and released the fish. After 15 minutes without another hit I moved on knowing that when you release fish that size they alert the school and the action is over. Hit another spot and boated a few, released them and they turned off. Left to go catch more bait, threw for another 2 hours, went to another area and set up on a ledge . Same scenario as before, this time 4 rods hooked up within a 3 minute period. We boated these fish as well, one got tangled in another line, as I was untying it a fish hit the line I was holding and ripped it out of my hand, Jimmy boated it as well. Made yet another move to another ledge, boated a 8 pounder, made a turn back around and hooked up with the fish of the day. After a couple of minutes battling the fish we boated it, a nice one at 15 3/4 pounds. We released it and called it a day. We took pictures of all the fish before they were released, not enough room on the journal to show them all.

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