Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Robert, Mark and Anthony

April 8th, 2009: Partly Cloudy, Cold and Windy.
A heck of a cold front blew threw yesterday and all day today, made fishing very tough. I had to throw for bait for over 3 hours just to get enough bait to go fishing. By then the wind was a steady 15 with gusts above 25. I ran the lake looking for places to get out of the wind, could not find any so I put out a few downlines and started fighting the wind. I could not run boards like I wanted to , I would have not had any control over them. We hit 2 places without a bite, I found some fish on the graph , put the trolling motor down, floored it, put 1 bait out and before I could put in the rod holder it went off. I finally got out 3 baits, they all hooked up at once. We got a couple of them in while Bob fought a hog, after a while his fish broke off. We hit a few more areas and got into fish good 1 more time but it ended up being a long, hard day. The guys were happy catching what they did today considering the conditions, I guess that is what matters most.

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