Friday, April 10, 2009

Steves and Walts

April 10th, 2009: Sunny and Pleasant, Water temp 55* and Clear.
Caught bait yesterday for today, picked the guys up at 6:15 at the marina and set up on a main lake flat about 20 feet deep pulling boards and downlines. Within the first 45 minutes we had 6 hits, the Stripers would jam the boards, pulling them back 10 feet, then nothing. Apparently the fish feed hard last night in the full moon and were just trying to kill the baits this morning. We continued to hit different flats but by 10 we were still fish less. I went and caught some fresh bait , set up on another flat, popped 1, continued to work other flats. Finally pulled up on an area and 3 lines went off, the guys got one of them in. Worked the area for a while longer, picking up a couple more fish. Made another move, the wind blew us off where we were fishing, hit another flat and popped a couple more. Today was SLOW for us, fish did not want to eat until midday. The wind is suppose to howl tomorrow, we have 3 sets of clients scheduled to fish tomorrow, I will let them know it may be tough out there again.

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