Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greg Whitlock

April 14th, 2009: Cloudy, cold , rain and wind. Water Temp 55* and clear. Had another cancellation today so I called up Greg from Louisa Boat and Motors and we went out for a while checking out different areas to fish. Bait collection sucked but we managed. Set up on a long flat uplake pulling boards. After an hour of nothing, we got the baits in and went to catch more bait. Ran downlake and checked out a few areas with no luck. Decided to try something a little different and started catching fish. Caught fish till we ran out of bait, went and tried to catch more but with the weather the way it was and it getting late we just called it quits. Greg released all the big fish today and kept the 2 smallest ones to take home to his mother-in-law who enjoys eating fish. On the way home Greg noticed I had a blown out bearing on my trailer, he said lets take it to his shop and he replaced it. He saved me a days trip, I am sure I would have ended up along side of the road out of commission later on in the week if he had not seen and fixed the bearing. [ this is not the only time he has saved me, one morning as I was pulling out my driveway my hub fell apart, I called Greg, by 7:30 am he had got the hub, came to my house and replaced it, I was back on the water and fishing by 8] It just doesn't get any better than the Whitlock family, and I am blessed to have them as friends.
Thanks Greg

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