Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brad, Bob and Tim

April 25th, 2009: Sunny and Hot, Water Temp rising to 65* and Clear.
Picked the crew up at their dock at 5:45 and went to catch bait. Bait was easy this morning , it was still early so I set up pulling boards nearby their house on one of my favorite spring areas. I was very concerned about the day, not just because it was the weekend but it was going to be in the mid 90's today and boat traffic would certainly slow the bite down. I got the spread out just in time to hit my first point. The guys were pumped, it was their first time out with me all of a sudden WHAM, a huge Striper blew up on the largest bait I had out. Sounded like a cinder block falling out of the sky. After Brad finished peeing himself he grabbed the rod . The board was skimming across the surface going behind the boat then the fish turned and swam forward, reversed again and swam behind the boat and broke off on the boat. Bob said "did you hear that hog hit the boat"? I guess that is how they get big. That was a great start of a good day. Anyway, we fished the area for a couple hours, getting 8 hits there and boating some nice fish. The traffic was up by now so I changed tactics and converted to fishing downlines, and we did that the rest of the day. The fish turned on around 1:30 and the guys really nailed them. Today we had 22 strikes with the guys keeping plenty of fish for a cookout this afternoon at the lake house with their friends. [Tim, notice I did not say how many fish you lost today?]

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