Thursday, April 02, 2009

Allen Worsky and Ben Edwards

April 2nd, 2009: Cloudy and cool, Water temp 52* and Clear.

Today I had a late cancellation from a client, my boat was already ready to go so I called a couple of friends to go out for awhile. We caught bait and started fishing a little after 9am pulling boards and freelines. Allen started the day off with a nice Striper and Ben jumped right in himself and boated another. The guys were releasing fish today so we threw them back, baited up and kept pulling and catching Stripers. We were pretty busy trying to keep up with the action then Allen hooked up with a toad, fought it for quite a while and we finally boated it. His bum bicep did not help much with reeling in fish today. We took a picture of the fish and released it good and healthy. We had lost a board a few minutes prior to that fish so we got the baits in and went to pick up the board but a Bass Boater got to it first, picked it up and took off. I guess he thought he found a pot of gold or something. We went and caught some more bait and set up in a different area of the lake that I have not fished this year. After I put out about 15 rods the action started and never stopped. After a couple hours of running around the boat we had run out of bait again, catching at least 25 more Stripers. We lost count of how many fish we did catch today, no way of telling because the action was so fast. All the Stripers were released happy and alive except for the ones on the stringer, they were in too bad a shape to return back to the lake, the guys took they home. [Sometimes when all the lines go off at once you can not deal with the fish fast enough when you boat them] I would have liked to have gotten a couple more pictures of the larger fish but we just did not take the time out to take them.

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