Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Burt and Rick

April 22nd, 2009: Got out on the water at first light and caught bait, set up on a main lake flat pulling boards and downlines. Weather was calm, sunny and 50*. Worked the area for 20 minutes and 2 rods went off at once. Rick put on in the boat but after a short fight Burt's fish got off. I worked the area for 2 more hours, had 7 more hook-ups without boating a fish. By 9 the wind had gotten up and we moved to another spot. Set up there, got a couple hits, got too windy and had to head for cover. Worked a non windy area for a few minutes then the fronts started blowing through, had to go catch more bait and relocated in the only area we thought that we could halfway control the boat. Just started to put baits out and the wind started howling, rain started pouring, boat was going sideways, having a ball [Not]. We fought the wind, rain and numerous storms before calling it quits. The guys took home a couple fish for the table. Today we could only fish where I wanted to for 2 hours, the weather made it unfishable the rest of the day.

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