Saturday, June 16, 2007

Art and Patty Maye Ohanian with Bill Harley

June 16, 2007 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water temp 79* and Clear.
Got out early this morning to catch bait but it was tough going, only caught about 40. Picked clients up and went uplake to catch more bait. Found a school easily , made 1 toss and put 100 more Herring in the tank. Set up on a small school nearby to let clients get some practice on how to put the lines down and reeling in the Stripers. After going through 35 strikes we caught some bait for a friend and set up on another school nearby also. Put a few fish in the boat and the crew was ready to hit a major school. I looked for about 5 or 10 minutes and only saw fish stacked on the channel ledges. Called Anthony who was fishing today to see if he had found anything and all he had to say was "The screen is Black". I knew where he was and flew to him as fast as the boat would go. I got about 100 yards from him and I started seeing arches on my Lowrance so I shut the motor down and started the drill. We got most of lines in and the fun began. For the next 30 minutes it was a great team effort, I baited and netted , Bill and Art put the lines down and reeled fish in while Patty fought fish screeming " it's too hard , I can't do it " but in reality she reeled every fish in she had on. Overall the day was not too bad considering a major front had moved through the day before and the Saturday boat traffic was hateful. We caught 25 Stripers and 16 Cats today with clients keeping 10 Stripers to take to the Grill.

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