Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Senior and Eddie Saghafi with Alex Hessami

June 6, 2007 : Sunny and nice, Water Temp 79* and Clear.

Picked clients up and started my search for schooling Stripers on 35 foot flats. Didn't take long before I saw what I wanted , set out 8 downlines loaded with Herring and the action began. It took Alex a little while to wake up but once he did there was no stopping him. We went through our first tank of bait and went and caught some more. After 10 am the schools dispersed and after an hour of looking with no success I decided to take the guys downlake to a school of fish that I had worked yesterday. We hit it for awhile but I pulled off of them due to it was too much work to keep baits in the water without getting torn up by the fish.. Clients kept 16 nice Stripers for the day. [Missed you today Jeff]

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