Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Senior, Keya, Eddie Sagahfi with Jeff Collins

June 19, 2007 : Sunny and Hot, Water temp 83* and Clear.
Caught bait easily this morning and picked clients up at 5:30am. Searched uplake flats for awhile but the fish were feeding on and near the surface and were not schooled up well enough for down lines. It took about an hour for the fish to get where I wanted them but when they did we wore them out with our Herring on down lines. The Stripers bit steadily for an hour and a half, and probably would have kept biting but we ran through 175 baits and had to catch more . Found a school of Herring easily and made a couple of tosses and put another 200 baits in the tank and set off to find some more fish. Didn't take long to locate a feeding school and proceeded to nail the fish again. The action was so steady that by 11 am we finally noticed how hot it was and tried to call it a day but the fish would not leave us alone. I eventually pulled off the fish and headed back to the marina. I worked my clients pretty hard today, we had at least 275 strikes this morning catching 20 Catfish, 3 Largemouths and who can count how many Stripers. Anyway, the guys took home 20 beautiful Stripers , 3 of them around 10 pounds, and sore hands from fighting and handling Stripers.

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