Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mark and Tony Caruso, Todd and Taylor Masterson, Dustin Arbaugh and Michael Busby

June 27th , 2007 : Water Temp 84* and Clear.
Got on the lake early to catch bait but only caught about 100 which is not enough to get started. Picked clients up at the dock at 5:30 am and also met John and his clients. We decided we would double team the fish this morning so John went up and I went down to search for the massive schools of Stripers. I caught some more bait and went just a short distance to locate a school. We set our downlines out and put the Herring in the Stripers faces and the fun began. Once we put a few fish in the boat I called John and told him what was going on and he decided to keep looking where he was, for they had put two Stripers in the boat and he felt a nice school had to be nearby. Our crew learned very quickly what it took to put the fish in the boat and we worked on the Stripers in this school for 45 minutes before we lost them. We searched for a couple minutes for another school when my phone rang , John had found the 'mother load' and had four fish on and hollered " Get up here NOW" . I obliged him and ran up to him and had just set the lines out when ours started getting banged. Johns crew and mine worked on this school for awhile until I ran out of bait. We had already gone through 200 baits and I went and caught more. John continued to catch fish while I caught bait and when I got back to him they were reeling in Stripers. We set up again and had another 40 hits before we called it a morning. By 10am Johns clients and my clients had boated over 70 Stripers and a half dozen Cats. Both of our sets of clients were wore out , hot and had a great morning.

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