Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scott and Randy Freeman, Jamie Everberg and Lou Ziegler

June 7, 2007 ; Sunny and warm, Water temp 80*.
Caught 200 Herring early and picked the crew up at 5:30 at High Point Marina. Took about 5 minutes to brief the crew and set up on our first large school of Stripers. Didn't take long for the action to begin, it became pretty hectic once I put the guys over the school. There were a couple of "Buzzards" watching when I was setting up and once all our rods hooked up they moved in on us . Within 10 minutes we had 30 hits and 8 Boats on top of us . We worked the school for another 25 minutes and I decided to leave the fish because it was getting too crowded. I ran across the lake where I located another nice school and again we started putting fish in the boat. After 15 minutes another guide who saw us catching fish moved in on us so I decided to leave that school and find some other fish. By now we had used up 150 baits and had to go catch more. We caught bait and set up on yet another school and finished out the morning. We came off the water at 11:30 after probably 175 strikes, clients keeping 20 nice Stripers.

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Anonymous said...

awseome job!!! glad you got that other guide off your tail. cant blame em for following the best. -eah