Friday, June 22, 2007

Kathy Keefer, Bonnie and Todd Lewis

June 22nd, 2007 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 82* and Clear.
Picked clients up at the dock this morning at 4 am[ they wanted to help catch bait] and set out on our adventure. After catching bait we located a school of Stripers at the mouth of a creek and worked on them for 2 hours. Time flies when you get 150 strikes in a time span of less than 2 hours. [More than 2 strikes a minute] We went and caught more bait and set up on another school in 32 to 36 foot of water with enjoying the same success. By 10:30 the fish finally turned off but not before treating us to another 200 strike morning. We caught over 30 Stripers this morning and 10 Catfish. Clients kept 16 Fish to take home.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great learning experience. It is amazing how many new things I learn every time we go out together.