Monday, June 18, 2007

Craig Ganue, Trevor Shifflett and Riccey Morris

June 17, 2007 : Sunny and Hot, Water temp 80* and clear.
Caught bait easily this morning and picked clients up at 5 :30 at High Point. Set up on a small school over 35 foot of water and put a few Stripers and Cats in the boat. Went uplake to a 25' flat and replayed the first event, 4 or 5 Stripers and numerous Cats. Looked around for a bit and really did not see what I wanted to so I made a move back to a deeper flat and located a huge school in a channel bend. What can I say, 3 guys ran around the boat like chickens with there heads cut off trying to keep up with the action. These guys did exceptionally well though , it wasn't their first time out with me. When it was all said and done we had over 200 strikes this morning catching about 30 Stripers and 20 Catfish.

We got off the water before it got too hot but the guys will have their work cut out for them this afternoon, they kept most of the Cats and some of the Stripers.

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