Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bev and Greg Harpine, Stanley Dodson and Owen Bullard

June 28 th, 2007 : Sunny and Warm, Water temp 84*
Caught 200 baits in 2 casts this morning and waited at the marina for my clients to show up. Took them a short distance from the marina and put them on a small school of Stripers to get them oriented to running downlines. Didn't take long for them to understand so they were ready to tackle a larger school. Set them up on one in 40 ' foot of water and we caught some nice Stripers. We went through the baits by 8 so I went and caught more. Set up on a school in 25' of water and limited out easily. Again we had over 200 hits this morning catching plenty of Stripers and a few Kitties. Owen is holding one of the nicer Stripers caught this morning.

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