Monday, June 11, 2007

Richard and Mary Bergey, David and Cindy Armstrong, and Wayne Gaudreault

June 11, 2007 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp 80* and Clear.
Went to catch Herring early , hung lights out and the bait tried to come to it but the Stripers wanted the bait more than I did so I put out 4 rods, hooked up on all of them, released all the Stripers and they left the school of bait alone long enough for me to throw the net to catch 200 Herring. Picked clients up at 5:20 and searched for about 4 minutes until I found a nice school of fish. I had already instructed the crew on how to put the downlines out so I baited up and everything we had went off. For the next hour and a half my clients steadily reeled fish in. I pulled off the school to look for others but really to give them a break and realize what had just happened. I let them rest for 5 minutes then put them back on a school and before long we had gone through all the baits. We used 200 baits up by 8:15 and everyone enjoyed the morning. Couldn't have done it without Rick helping out.

Can the fishing get any better?

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