Saturday, June 09, 2007

Elwood White, Bobby Bradshaw, Jimmy Richards and Ervin Johnson

June 9, 2007 : Sunny and warm, Water temp 82*.
Picked clients up and located a small school of Stripers nearby the marina with in 10 minutes of leaving the dock. Set up on them with downlines and the fish started biting. Stayed with the school for only about 30 minutes before it petered out , tried to relocate it with no luck. Continued to look for the large schools that we had been fishing all week but all we could find were small pods of fish. We set up on some of them with limited success. Before long the Saturday traffic was rocking which did not help matters much. We looked and fished , looked and fished for the rest of the trip but could not find Stripers ganged up. Don't know if the strong front that moved through last night broke up the schools or how much the weekend traffic affected the bite. Anyway, we had about 80 strikes today , catching 23 Stripers and a half dozen Cats, Clients keeping 12 Stripers . After today I have a Love-Hate feeling for the Lake. Love fishing it in June and July but hate it on the weekends.

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