Saturday, June 23, 2007

Harry Snodgrass with friends Jimmie, Ed and Rodger

June 23rd, 2007 : Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temp. 82* and Clear.
Had some trouble catching bait this morning so I picked clients up at the marina and went up lake and caught enough Herring so I would have 200 to start. Found a school of Stripers and the fish started hitting before the guys could get their lines out. I don't think the crew was prepared for this kind of action , it took them 30 minutes to get it together. After working the school for an hour every boat in the lake was on top of me and we had to move. We set up on some other schools but the Saturday traffic got bad early and naturally spooked the larger fish. We fished hard today, had well over 250 strikes , clients catching about 35 Stripers, a few Cats and a Walleye.

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