Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Andy and Roxann

June 2nd, 2009: Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 78* and Clear
Caught bait early and picked my clients up at 5:30 at the dock. I instructed them on how to put the baits out and gave them a couple of pointers on how to use circle hooks. I set up in an area where I saw some fish, but not a large school because with only 2 people fishing it would be way to hectic for them to keep up with the action. We worked the area for about an hour, constantly catching Stripers but still never putting them on a school. After catching 20 fish I made a couple more moves and when Roxann caught the 32nd fish and said this fish will make a good dinner, we put it in the livewell and called it quits. We were off the water at 8:45, had a cooler full of fish and everyone had a great time. I had told Roxann that she needed to bring at least 4 fisherman to keep up with the action but someone backed out at the last moment. Since we had only 2 people fishing I could not take them to a decent school, there would have been no way they could have kept up. Fishing has to be Great to have to keep clients off of fish!

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