Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bob and Janet

June 4th, 2009: Cloudy and fog, Water temperature 78* and Clear.
Got on the water early this morning , hung lights and caught 230 baits. Picked Bob and Janet up at 5:30 and taught them how to put downlines out and explained to them that I could not take them to schooling fish due to there being only two of them and that they would not be able to handle the action. So I went looking for places where I would see a fish or 2, then set up on them, avoiding the larger schools of fish. Even where I didn't think there would be much action they could hardly keep up and much of the time it was chaotic. They were good fisherman, just too much action. We hit 7 or 8 different places this morning catching fish everywhere. I told Bob I was going to pay him back for only bring 2 people and I did, I put them on a small school, they could only get a line or two in the water before the rod would go off, they scrambled around the boat for about 15 minutes till I pulled them off the school. Today we were off the water by 11, had over 200 strikes, they boated 52 Stripers and 8 cats, had another dozen Stripers up to the boat but they came off when they tried to swing them into the boat, largest fish was 10 pounds.

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