Friday, June 05, 2009

Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region...Col. John Neuman with guests George, Tim, Tom, Ken, George, Roger, Steve, Thom, and Bill

June 5th, 2009: Cloudy, Cool, Steady Rain, Breezy, Water Temperature 76*.
Today Col Neumann put together a trip for himself and staff of JFHQ-NCR. Since there were 10 people going on the trip we used 2 boats, mine and guide John Chadduck's. John and I got on the water early and had lights hung by 3am and caught bait. We each caught 250 baits and headed for the marina to pick up our crews. When we got to the marina John's baits were labored, we changed his pump and went fishing. We both looked for schools of Stripers but knew it would be hard today with the storms blowing through and the 3 inches of rain that we received over the last 24 hours. We both looked for a half hour before setting up on single fish, just to have to move again and again. Around 8 I finally found a large school , we put out 10 downlines and did battle with that school for 30 minutes. I tried to call John into the school but his radio and phone were already soaked. After 30 minutes of battling the school I think we called it a draw, we put 10 Stripers in the boat and probably lost about 10. I fired up the big motor again and found another school that we played with for awhile. We left it and found a small school and were catching some of them when John rolled up and helped us out. He stayed in that area for the next 2 hours fishing while I looked for other schools, finally setting up on a reliable 22 foot flat to finish out the morning. Who knows how many fish we caught today, at the end of the morning I had 20 baits left in the tank and when I pulled up to John he had only 1 left. Didn't matter, we had all caught plenty of Stripers and limited out. Today the fish were spread out and we could only find a few schools to work.
Special thanks to Col Neumann for helping John out today and to Tom for hepling me out in my boat . SEMPER FI

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